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Debian 9 Stretch installer rc1 released

16 Jan 2017

The Debian Installer team has announced availability of first release candidate for Debian 9 Stretch Installer rc1. This release is coming after several alpha releases and can expect improved stability...

Debian 8.7 released with critical security fixes

15 Jan 2017

Debian - The Universal Operating System developers has announced release of Debian 8.7, 7th updated snapshot in Debian 8.x Jessy branch. This release includes some security fixes and resolutions for...

Manjaro 17.0 Gellivara Alpha 2 released in KDE & Xfce flavors

11 Jan 2017

Mr Philm - member of Manjaro development team has announced availability of Manjaro 17.0 Alpha 2 for testing. As any other official releases of Manjaro, this release also includes KDE...

MX Linux 16 keeps a good balance between performance and elegance : Review

09 Jan 2017

MX Linux is a Debian stable based GNU/Linux distribution grown as a cooperative venture between the antiX and retired MEPIS communities. It makes use of best tools and technologies from...

Deepin Technology gets a new community website

09 Jan 2017

The Deepin Technology team has announced launch of new community website for the deepin technology - a Chinese firm doing innovative development on free & open source technologies. The newly...

Ultimate 5.0 Gamers Edition released

08 Jan 2017

Mr Theehman, core developer of Ultimate OS has announced release of Ultimate 5.0 Gamers edition, latest stable release of Ubuntu based GNU/Linux distribution specifically developed for gamers. This release ships...

Maui Linux 2.1 is a suprisingly good plasma distribution : Review

08 Jan 2017

The Maui Linux is a reborn version of Ubuntu based Netrunner Desktop edition featuring KDE Plasma desktop. Netrunner Desktop edition is still alive (at least by that name), but is...

KaOS 2017.01 released with a fresh look & vertical panel

07 Jan 2017

While celebrating the beginning of 2017, KaOS team has proudly presented KaOS 2017.01 latest monthly snapshot of independently developed, rolling GNU/Linux distribution offering a smooth and cutting edge KDE experience....

Solus project announced first release of Brisk Menu

06 Jan 2017

Mr Joshua Strobl, communication manager at Solus project has announced release of Brisk Menu 0.1.0, a modern, efficient and clean application menu for MATE Desktop. It enables quick launch of...